About Us

“Business is about relationships!”

“I have seen businesses with great products go out of business because they lost touch with their customers. My company was built on a simple principle, treat the customer the way you want to be treated and actually talk to them occasionally. The phone will be answered by a live operator and our customer service people actually work in my office. My promise to each eCommerce Cart client is that my staff and I will vigorously act as your advocate to get you the best overall solution that fits your business specifically. At eCommerce Cart, we do what we say we are going to do. Yes, business is about relationships.”


-WIlliam Dumont, CEO


The idea of eCommerceCart.com was first imagined back in 2013. We had spoken with many merchants who were confused by all the choices available to them while trying to find the right platform to start and grow their online business. There were large companies with equally large marketing budgets that consistently showed up in first page results of relevant searches performed, but we’re not necessarily the right choice for the merchant’s business type or model.

We realized that these merchants needed help. They wanted a way to find the best options for their business without the hassle of researching dozens of websites to find the right shopping cart. Based on this realization, www.eCommerceCart.com was born. We began by selecting the top shopping carts available. We found out who their clients were and what they sell to determine the best fit for numerous types of businesses. From electronics to education, we found the best shopping carts and built partnerships with each of them.