If your education is your business — whether you’re offering online classes, seminars, webinars, onsite training or educational materials — you know that you’re not selling a mere product. You’re also selling yourself and forging a trusting relationship with customers. At eCommerce Cart, we specialize in crafting and nurturing relationships, too, in addition to providing you with the most advanced tools for easy ordering and secure online payment processing. Consider us part of your sales team, as we’ll guide you through the process of setting up an online shopping cart system and help you set up and maintain your e-commerce store so you can start selling your educational products and services. You can use your online presence to offer your management training sessions, gourmet cooking webinar, DVD guide to collecting model airplanes or online conversational French class.

In addition to our deep knowledge of online marketing, we can also offer you great deals on leading e-commerce shopping carts, since we have long-standing partnerships with these well-respected companies. Our e-commerce specialists have extensively researched all the options available and have chosen the best tools for education specialists. In our easy 3-step process, we’ll introduce you to these selections and provide information so you can make an informed choice as to which is best for your business. We’ve chosen 1AutomationWiz as the best shopping cart for education businesses. Unlike the usual online store builder, 1AutomationWiz is an easy-to-use button cart. It operates seamlessly within your existing web site, with no templates or installation required. After you’ve created your account, you just add your product information to your control panel and place the generated link wherever you want on your web site or blog. This lets you use your existing web site with no additional programming or modifications required, so you can get set up very quickly and start selling right away.

The 1AutomationWiz e-commerce solution is ideal for merchants selling digital training manuals and audio-visual educational tools, since digital delivery is built right in. This lets you offer PDF documents, audio, video and software to your customers with secure payment and immediate download. Recurring billing lets you charge for memberships or subscriptions, while the built-in analytics let you see right away which online seminars and training materials are your best sellers.

As part of our complete e-commerce shopping cart solution, you’ll see recommendations for the best payment gateway and credit card processing companies. For securely authorizing credit card payments, the 3 organizations that are most respected in their field are eMerchant Gateway, Authorize.Net and CyberSource. All offer secure transactions worldwide and include comprehensive reporting and fraud detection. Choose the gateway provider that best fits your company’s needs. For credit card payment processing, eMerchant is the number 1 choice. This prestigious merchant account provider offers high-quality service, easy integration and low rates.

eCommerce Cart helps you get quickly up-to-speed with an online store and important marketing data, so that you can focus on customer satisfaction and developing new products and services. If you have any questions about these e-commerce platforms or need help to get started, give our online marketing professionals a call.