Your company’s software keeps the business world moving forward and supports individuals as they pursue their personal and professional goals. Whether you specialize in business, engineering, educational, graphics, editing, communications, computer-aided manufacturing, data management, information science or simulation software, you need a reliable and secure e-commerce shopping cart solution that can display your product offerings, provide easy ordering and the ability to deliver hard copies or immediate downloads of your software to meet customer demands around the clock. You might sell a specific software application or have thousands of titles, but the requirements are the same — an easy-to-use robust system with built-in email marketing tools, mobile e-commerce and 24/7 support.

Ecommerce Cart has the solution. As your online marketing partners with industry partnerships and expertise, we’ve chosen the best e-commerce shopping carts and online credit card payment processing for your software business. Our simple 3-step process will introduce you to the exciting world of e-commerce, with details about these shopping cart, payment gateway and online payment processing services, so you can make informed decisions and be quickly on your way to improved customer relationships and increased sales.

For companies that sell software, we’ve selected 1AutomationWiz as the best shopping cart solution. This is a different kind of shopping cart software. It’s perfect for a business that wants to add an online store to their web site without having to set up separate templates and attempt to match the look and feel of their existing site. 1AutomationWiz is a “button cart,” which means that it integrates with your existing web site. You simply set up a new product in the back office control panel and add a button to any web site page, email or social media account. It’s the ultimate in simplicity and flexibility. This unique shopping cart solution lets you offer your customers hard copy software or immediate downloads. It also includes integrated email marketing, up-sells, recurring billing, mobile e-commerce support, affiliate tracking and a free merchant account. They have 3 different pricing structures — Starter, Basic and Pro — to fit the specific requirements and budget of your organization. All include free tech support.

As part of your complete online shopping cart solution, we recommend eMerchant Gateway, CyberSource or Authorize.Net for online payment processing. All 3 companies specialize in reliable, fast and secure online transactions. They also support recurring billing, batch uploading, reports and statistics. eMerchant Gateway’s Fraud Stopper integrated system intercepts fraudulent transactions before they’re processed. Authorize.Net has the same stringent protection against fraud, automated recurring billing, the ability to process electronic checks and their Merchant Toolbox, with special offers from elite companies in marketing, accounting, business productivity and security. CyberSource can accept payments from a wide variety of worldwide sources such as the web, kiosks, mobile, mPOS, call centers and field sales channels. There’s exceptional payment security, fraud management, an administration console, reporting and statistics. Whatever you choose, you’ll get seamless integration with your e-commerce cart, and our expert team at eCommerce Cart is available to answer questions and assist you in setting up and maintaining your online store.

The final step is the credit card payment processor, and for that, we’ve selected e-commerce leader eMerchant. They offer the highest level of service with low rates and simple integration. This organization handles the final step in online payment processing quickly securely and efficiently.

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