Wholesale companies make the world go ‘round! When your industrial, commercial, institutional and other business customers need to restock their shelves to satisfy public demand, they rely on you, the wholesaler. Your company provides the world’s businesses with the products they need to stay open and remain profitable. To do this effectively and have the flexibility to meet the changing needs of the marketplace, you need a robust e-commerce shopping cart solution that can handle thousands of SKUs. It must be able to easily integrate with your existing website so you don’t have to break your stride.

Every type of whole business can benefit from a perfectly tailored ecommerce solution. For instance, a plumbing, electrical and mechanical parts supplier can take a closer look at in-demand products so they can quickly adjust manufacturing and purchasing schedules accordingly. A wholesale lighting fixture company can use built-in email marketing tools to notify existing commercial customers of new products and offer special deals to boost sales. And the list of examples continues on ad nauseam.

eCommerce Cart takes you through the process of selecting the perfect cart solution, step by step, so you can seamlessly process orders and handle online payments. We make it easy for a non-technical person to set up an online shopping cart, even if your company has thousands of products. As you use our easy e-commerce store selector, you’ll be introduced to your best options as a wholesale business for shopping carts and payment processing, as chosen by our team of e-commerce experts. Because we have partnerships with most of the major e-commerce solutions, we can give you the best pricing on their products.

For wholesale businesses, our online marketing specialists have chosen the 1AutomationWiz online shopping cart. The company offers four plans to meet the varying needs of wholesale businesses. From a simple-but-comprehensive email marketing tool to the full-fledged “Pro” online shopping cart with integrated email marketing and other advanced selling tools, their e-commerce solutions are designed to give you exactly what you need for maximum customer satisfaction and profits — nothing more and nothing less. Their plans include free tech support with no setup fees. All three online shopping cart plans can handle up to 10,000 products, and you only pay a flat fee per month. There are no transaction fees. The Starter plan includes recurring billing, mobile e-commerce support, a free merchant account and no bandwidth limits. Their Basic plan adds integrated email marketing tools, while the Pro plan adds several attractive features like one-click upsells, affiliate tracking, digital product delivery and team access.

At eCommerce Cart, we give you a complete package so you can be up and running at full capacity very quickly. This includes smooth, seamless integration with online credit card payment processing. For a payment gateway, we offer three recommendations: eMerchant Gateway, Authorize.Net or CyberSource. We give you a glimpse inside the software so you can choose the right one for your organization. A secure and reliable credit card processor is the final step in the online ordering process, and for this important service, we recommend eMerchant, one of the industry’s leading merchant account providers.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the available features and choices, our customer service team here at eCommerce Cart can help guide you through the process and teach you everything you need to know about setting up and running a successful online store. Think of us as part of your team.