eCommerce Analytics Tools to Accelerate Your Business

The more you know with ecommerce data analytics, the smarter you grow

Make informed decisions using robust ecommerce analytics, detailed reporting and expertly-configured dashboards. In real-time, you’ll have the ability to track customer trends, monitor your store’s performance, and instantly access metrics such as conversion rates and sales funnels.


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Quick + easy dashboards

When you log into your ecommerce site each day, you will land on the eCommerceCart Dashboard that will give you a snapshot of the best analytics for ecommerce business, including up to the moment statistics and tracking information. Your summary page will include revenue, number of orders and items sold with the ability to adjust the default view of your performance and customize your time ranges. You can also track out of stock products as well as orders that require attention. In addition, you can see newly registered customer and any new testimonials added to your site. With all of this at your fingertips, you’ll be able to make decisions quickly and easily to power your business.

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Dive into reports

eCommerceCart provides numerous ecommerce analytics reports for you to delve into your business performance, your customers’ purchases and your marketing effectiveness. Our Business Intelligence page provides you a summary of metrics such as revenue per order, conversion percentage and performance compared to previous periods. You can instantly retrieve further ecommerce analytics reporting on sales by product, payment types, or customers as well as results on promotional or QR code campaigns. Also, there is specialized reporting for businesses that utilize recurring billing. Harness the powerful insight from eCommerce Cart reporting to drive your business.

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Google Analytics ecommerce tracking and eCommerceCart

Our ecommerce analytics reporting suite was designed to work in cooperation with Google Analytics reports to provide critical KPIs including detailed visibility into your sales funnel, sales by customer, and conversion rate. You’ll see that with eCommerceCart, the ease of integration of with this application goes beyond what you will find with other cart software solutions. We aim to truly put the power of Google Analytics ecommerce data at your fingertips.

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