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Is eCommerceCart easy for people who don’t have design or programming skills?

Yes, eCommerceCart is designed to allow anyone the ability to instantly create a website and online store.  You can choose from a variety of templates and change the layout, design, buttons and headers with the click of a button.  You can also easily manage your products, shipping options, customers and more, allowing you to run your ecommerce business all in one place.

I already have a website. How can I start selling with eCommerceCart ?

Whether you want to use our ecommerce platform with an existing website or build out your content in our website builder, eCommerceCart can provide you with options to expand into online selling. If you already have an ecommerce website, we can help you navigate the switch to eCommerceCart for your website, store and payment processing.  Give our Sales Team a call to further talk through all of the options available to you.

How do I set up hosting with eCommerceCart?

Website hosting is included with eCommerceCart, so you can save your current monthly hosting fee by moving to our platform. If you are new to ecommerce, this will eliminate the need for you to find hosting and allow you to focus on starting your site. If you need to host your own site, contact us so that we can work through the right solution with you.

How can I customize the code for my site?

The eCommerce Cart platform is built on PHP-MySQL.  These are well-known programming languages.  Most developers with PHP knowledge can make customizations to your cart.  If you are looking for assistance with customization, reach out to our team and we can help you find a solution that works for you.

How will I process customer online payments?

The all-in-one eCommerce Cart solution includes eMerchant Gateway for processing payments.  In addition, if you need a merchant account, or are ready to make a switch for a better rate, call our Sales Team at 866-979-0260 and they can find the best merchant account fit for you.

Can you help me get a merchant account?

Yes, we can definitely help you find the right merchant account for your business and guide you through the application process. Our clients are typically approved within 1-3 days and we have supported over $8 billion in online processing since 2002. Call our expert Sales Team at 866-979-0260 today for a custom quote.

Can I accept non-credit card and offline payment methods with eCommerceCart?

Yes, you can decide how ecommerce customers may pay you, including via credit card, as well as via phone, fax, mail and more. Need a retail terminal for an offline store? We’ve got you covered there too; ask us about our retail terminal programs.

Can I set up Recurring Billing with eCommerceCart?

Yes, the advantage of the eCommerceCart solution is that it includes the eMerchant Gateway which has extensive functionality for payment processing, including recurring billing. Once the gateway is set up, our Client Account Team will walk you through the recurring billing set up.

What additional apps or features can I integrate with my eCommerceCart?

eCommerceCart has an amazing list of features built into the core of its system, but it also integrates with the most popular apps on the market so you can extend your online store functionality even further. Check out the App Center for more information.

Does the eCommerceCart technology support inventory tracking?

Yes, eCommerceCart has several features that can help you track your inventory, including low inventory notifications for you and low inventory messages for customers while they’re shopping in your online store. Sign up for a free trial and check out the admin menu under Products & Categories.

How can eCommerceCart help my online store appear in search results?

The technology behind eCommerceCart is built to meet the ever-changing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) needs of ecommerce business owners. You can control your URL names, product names, meta data and more. Check out a list of the extensive SEO capabilities.

Does eCommerceCart include reporting?

We understand that reporting tools are crucial to most ecommerce business owners, so we’ve built eCommerceCart to generate several reports related to sales and traffic. eCommerceCart seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics to provide you the best vision possible into your business.

Can I set up my own shipping methods?

Yes, eCommerce Cart allows you to choose from a wide variety of shipping options. You can find more information on this website under Shipping Management. Or, for a deeper dive on shipping capabilities, sign up for our free trial and find Shipping Settings under Settings in the admin menu.  Here you can enable customer options, select fees, and connect with different shipping providers.

Does eCommerceCart limit the number of products and categories I can use?

Not at all. eCommerceCart allows unlimited products and categories. Your online store can grow as quickly as your business.

I only have one product to sell, will eCommerceCart work?

Yes, absolutely. We also have great features for service-oriented businesses.

Is there a quick-buy feature or do customers have to register to make a purchase?

Multiple options are available. We believe that you should have entire control over how customers purchase your products and services. You can either select one-page checkout, go the traditional route requiring shoppers to register, or enable checkout without registration. You also have the ability to add or remove additional fields in the checkout process.

I’m a developer. Can I host the platform on my own servers?

We love working with developers, and yes, you can host the platform. eCommerce Cart is a robust, customizable software that can fit your needs and the needs of your clients. Call our Sales Team at 866-979-0260 for more information.