Arm yourself with ecommerce fraud protection

With our platform, gateway and partnerships, eCommerceCart offers a variety of ecommerce fraud prevention tools.

Fraud in an unfortunate part of ecommerce. When choosing a platform, you want to know that there are options available for you to detect, and hopefully prevent, fraudulent transactions. Our cart has its own built-in ecommerce fraud protection settings. In addition, the eMerchant Gateway included in the eCommerceCart has a wide variety of fraud-related settings as well. We also partner with several reputable, third-party providers whose fraud apps can be integrated into eCommerce Cart to take your fraud protection for ecommerce even further.

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eCommerce platform security settings

Within the eCommerceCart platform, you can select and manage front-end security settings for ecommerce fraud detection. You can:

  • Set cookies
  • Establish parameters around log-ins to include number of attempts and hours of blocking
  • Choose to force SSL redirection
  • Enable reCAPTCHA
  • Restrict specific IP addresses

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Payment gateway settings

With the eMerchant Gateway, included with your eCommerceCart, you’ll have an industry-leading online payment gateway with array of ecommerce fraud prevention tools to battle fraudulent payment sources or types. It includes an advanced AVS check to filter suspicious credit card activity as well as the ability to block countries, IP addresses and entry mode. In addition, there are a wide array of customized settings. Our customer service team at eMerchant is always happy to consult with customers on what modules and settings are best for them based on business needs. Part of the value of being with eCommerceCart is the eMerchant relationship and the knowledgeable support team that is here to serve our customers.

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Third-party apps

eCommerceCart provides its customers with several options for third party fraud apps that can be integrated with eCommerceCart by simply cutting and pasting an API key. These apps offer automated ecommerce fraud prevention solutions, and in some cases, provide reimbursements for chargebacks. Check out our partnerships in the App Center. Search “Fraud” for more information.

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