Maximize your ecommerce marketing strategy

Use online marketing tools and extensive website SEO options to increase store traffic and sales

eCommerceCart helps you take ecommerce marketing to the next level. Easily set up sales promotions, social media sharing or special customer pricing to increase sales. Enhance your ecommerce email marketing with sales conversion tools as well as the integrated MailChimp capabilities. Want more traffic with search engine optimization (SEO)? Our SEO website tools are the best in the business and have been designed to help you appear in more Google and Bing searches and attract highly qualified customers to your site. Increase your ecommerce marketing power with eCommerce Cart.

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Reach out to your customers

Too many abandoned carts? Through “Drift” ecommerce email marketing, eCommerceCart will enable your email marketing plan to convert wayward shoppers into buyers. In addition, capture email addresses from customers for newsletters. We also provide you with follow-up email capabilities to stay connected with customers post purchase. In addition, eCommerceCart integrates the industry-leading MailChimp app: utilize MailChimp’s email marketing software with all of the sales and customer data from your store. Simply sign up for a MailChimp account, or use the one you already have, and follow our simple instructions to link it to your eCommerceCart.

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Industry-leading SEO for ecommerce websites

If your industry has a competitive online presence, the ability to appear at the top of Google or Bing search results is vital. Our sophisticated website SEO options set you apart from the competition. Don’t know how to SEO a website? Our SEO software tools are so easy to use…you’ll feel like an expert!

  • All pages can be indexed by Google, Bing and other engines
  • Defaults are set to use flat URLs (e.g.,, but you can easily create customized URL structures for all pages
  • You can add a meta title and description for each page and product category
  • Meta titles and descriptions for product pages, category pages, and more than ten other pages, can also be automatically generated by our SEO software tools or customized by you
  • You can upload or create a robot.txt file
  • A site map is generated automatically. An XML sitemap for Google Search Console is also available
  • The design is a valid W3C template
  • The navigation utilizes “breadcrumbs”
  • tags and mod_rewrite are used. You also have the ability to establish custom rewrites through .htaccess overrides in the

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eCommerce marketing promotions that sell products

Need a way to easily execute your ecommerce marketing strategy? Use our online marketing tools to promote your products and increase sales.

  • Quickly set up promo codes for discounts (by dollar amount or percentage), promotional pricing or shipping discounts
  • Provide “Recommended Products” for customers as they browse your site
  • Enable sales promotions such as BOGO (buy one, get one)
  • Label products as “Hot Deals”
  • Utilize QR Codes that direct customers to your home page or product pages
  • Provide gift certificates (for sale and redemption)
  • Leverage sales widgets
  • “Buy Now” buttons are also available for other marketing channels or social media selling

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Social media sharing

eCommerceCart allows you to harness the power of your customers’ connectedness to generate more marketing online. Simply activate the eCommerce Cart social sharing option. Then, your satisfied customers can promote your products to their friends and followers on different social media platforms like Facebook Commerce, Twitter, Instagram etc. This will build awareness of your overall business and drive new potential customers your direction.

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Marketing analytics at your fingertips

Analyze your ecommerce marketing strategy with our extensive reporting. Run reports on specific online marketing campaigns to include specific promotions or even QR code campaigns. Look at product performance by a variety of factors (customer, payment type, etc.) and filter these reports by time period: weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. You can even set custom date ranges. In addition to our own reporting, we also integrate with Google Analytics so that you can utilize those metrics as well. Easily track your key words, traffic, page views and all the rest. If you already have an account, you won’t need to change a thing…simply cut and paste the API key and you’ll be ready to go. Learn more about our ecommerce analytics tools.

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