Sell everywhere with the multi-channel selling software in eCommerceCart

List your products where your customers love to shop

Ensure your products and services are listed in the most visited sites on the web. Syndicating to sites likeAmazon, Google Shopping, eBay and Yahoo! with our multi-channel ecommerce software means that all orders come into one central location. Once you have a relationship with one of these outside sites, you decide which products you feature and what information you share. Your listings on these various sites will appear in their users’ searches, but when the customer goes to purchase the product, the sale will be through your website. You will be able to manage one set of inventory and all sales will be integrated into one set of analytics. As a multi-channel selling software, eCommerceCart allows you to extend your reach without complicating your business.

Not ready to sell on other channels? Our social sharing buttons will still help direct customers to you as well. You can enable buttons for Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and more. Find out more about social sharing in Marketing & SEO.

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