Increase customer satisfaction and business efficiency

eCommerceCart—providing the best shipping options for online stores while enabling ecommerce order
fulfillment operations to run smoothly and profitably

Our platform gives you the power and flexibility to run even complex shipping and fulfillment operations with ease. Regarding shipping for your online store, within a few clicks, you can provide options such as shipping quotes or custom rates. You can also access your ecommerce order management data through a single, easy-to-control-panel. Our system adapts smartly to meet your current online order fulfillment process, and our logistics tools enable you to create a seamless purchasing experience for your customers.

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Online shipping options make business better and customers happier

eCommerce Cart allows you to set up customized shipping for your online store: you set prices and even have items delivered to your local customers on the same day if you choose. Use our ZIP code feature to set delivery fees based on the distance of the customer from your warehouse. Use shipping promotions to incentivize your customers by integrating product-specific discounts and promotional codes that customers can redeem for savings. Feel free to offer free shipping as well. All of this provides incredible flexibility for your customers with technology that enables efficiency in your ecommerce fulfillment operations.

With eCommerceCart you can also:

  • Control flat-rate shipping costs for different products
  • Set up free shipping depending on the distance, weight of the products, number of products, promo codes, and more
  • Offer a variety of ecommerce shipping solutions based on the state or province
  • Disable shipping altogether
  • Control handling fees
  • Determine if shipping is taxable

The platform allows you to include shipping quotes so that your clients can estimate shipping and make adjustments before getting to the payment page. This process results in more conversions for your business.

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Who knew that the online order fulfillment process could be so easy?

Our platform is a powerful ecommerce order management system. It tracks each order, provides real-time shipping quotes, and sends shipping notifications to your customers.

  • Send special order notes to customers
  • Fulfill orders by a single-click and supply tracking information
  • Capture payment for auth-only orders
  • Refund payment and accept order cancellation
  • Print invoices and packing slips
  • Export orders
  • Use the bulk actions’ feature to update, delete, export and fulfill bulk orders

Our flexible ecommerce fulfillment system allows you to integrate with your existing order management applications and works easily with your current business processes. Of course, you are only a few clicks away from an ecommerce shipping integration with one of several popular third-party apps such as and that allow you to purchase postage, print the labels and schedule the package pickups with ease. Drop shipping could also be one of your ecommerce shipping solutions for customers. Drop shipping can be easily executed by selecting alternatives within our software or connecting with a specialty third-party app in our App Store.

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Make taxes less taxing for everyone

eCommerce Cart allows you to control what taxes you charge and when you charge them. The options include:

  • Access to flat-rate or real-time tax choices
  • Options for VAT tax
  • Tax rates depending on state/province
  • Flat-rate tax rates applicable to each product
  • Real-time tax calculation with Avalara or Exactor which helps in destination-based calculations

The eCommerce Cart also allows you to exempt some buyers from tax.

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