Mobile Commerce

Your store will always look amazing, regardless of which device is in play.

Responsive Design

eCommerceCart Mobile Commerce allows your customers to browse and purchase through a mobile-enhanced version of your online store. Every one of our eCommerceCart templates uses responsive design principles and enhanced, mobile user design methodologies. This ensures your visitors get the full experience of your website, whether they are on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices.

While it’s true mobile usage can vary depending on industry, demographics, and socioeconomic status, general mobile usage overtook desktop in 2014. Additionally, Google has announced ranking penalties for sites that are not “Mobile Ready”. It’s no longer an option, it’s a requirement if you want to stay competitive.

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Mobile Commerce Statistics

  • Mobile digital media time in the US is now significantly higher at 51% compared to desktop (42%). Source: eMarketer, 2015.
  • Average smartphone conversion rates are up 64% compared to the average desktop conversion rates. Source: CMS Report, 2015
  • Over 77% of users between the age of 18-34 use a PC/Mobile/Tablet combination to access the internet and virtually all (97%) own a mobile device. Source: comScore, 2015

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Why should you be using eCommerceCart Mobile Commerce?

It’s Free! Yes, like our Facebook Storefront and multitude of other features, eCommerce Cart’s Mobile Commerce is free for those who currently partner with us.

It’s Easy! Once activated, your mobile store will be created using elements from your current webstore. If you want to make changes that are specific to the mobile store, simply login to your eCommerceCart Control Panel and change away.

It works! While mobile conversion rates still lag behind desktop, they are increasing rapidly and expected to continue their increase in the foreseeable future.

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