Using QR Codes

to combine print marketing and ecommerce

Make your offline marketing more powerful

QR codes with eCommerceCart help drive offline shoppers to your online store

QR codes are square-shaped bar codes designed to keep alphanumeric data in picture formats. The underlying technology manipulates pixels into codes to relay unique information to smartphones with QR scanners. They can bring a lot of value to your marketing efforts.

Using QR codes for ecommerce

There are numerous ways you can use QR codes in your ecommerce business: exclusive discount postcards, t-shirts with prints, temporary tattoos in trade shows, company demo CDs, and magazine ads made up of pictures only. Retail store owners like using them in-store because they allow customers to get information about products with a quick scan. QR codes in promotional material or other print media allow consumers, upon scanning, to go straight to an ecommerce website and purchase a product.  QR codes enable business owners to track response rates from specific campaigns and measure ROI.

QR codes with eCommerceCart

With eCommerceCart, QR code capabilities are built into our platform at no additional cost to you. You can generate a QR code for your offline marketing, track the response rates with our reporting, and watch the sales roll in.

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